Consumer Research and Intellectual Property

Eli Seggev, Ph.D., Syracuse University

Keegan & Company has a wide range of experience in conducting surveys for litigation. Whether your case involves likelihood of confusion, secondary meaning, strength of mark, trade dress, dilution, consumer perception or any other facet of intellectual property research, you can have confidence in our experts' knowledge and capabilities.

Keegan & Company's consumer research team is headed by Dr. Eli Seggev. Dr. Seggev is a leading consumer research and survey expert with a career dedicated to advancing the science of consumer behavior.

Dr. Seggev and the Keegan & Company team will work with you to design a customized survey to support claims of intellectual property infringement and other consumer behavior issues. Our surveys are designed to allow our experts to present affirmative testimony that will withstand the scrutiny of litigation.

Keegan & Company also offers professional evaluation of existing surveys. Our years of training and practical application of the principles of consumer survey research provide us with the specialized knowledge to assess other experts’ methodologies, analyses and conclusions.

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“Consumer Research has been my passion for over 30 years.”   -Dr. Eli Seggev